Consulting Services

Sometimes windows pose the most confusing challenges in interior design. Windows can be irregular, arched, off-center, off-kilter, partially obscured, can meet the sun at a particularly punishing angle or be built into a curved or angled wall.  They might be surrounded by impenetrable surfaces such as concrete, which poses challenges for motorization. They can be glorious and double-high as those pictured above, in which case it really matters about both the fabric selection and the way it is sewn, weighted, finished and suspended to achieve a seamless look, fluid drape and effortless movement. In short, windows can be found in any number of conditions that can seem difficult to treat.

Whether we’re the ones fabricating and installing or not, Marks & Tavano can provide technically sound and ingeniously innovative solutions and cutting-edge design strategies to successfully treat windows in virtually any conditions. There’s a reason they call us the experts’ experts. Call us today to inquire about a consultation. An investment of a few hours of Marks & Tavano services at the start of a project can result in huge savings down the road.