We’re so pleased to have our Creative Director, Michael Tavano be the first interior designer to speak at Samuel & Sons for the firm’s premiere installment of its Designer Series of events. He’s calling his presentation “Trim-ology: The Art and Science of the Details.”

Designershow_posterfinalV2lrHe’ll talk about the trends in trim we see here in the workroom (more trim, more imaginative uses of trim, modernized applications of classic trim, trim as architecture, trim as pattern and so forth). You should sign up to go, but if you have to miss it, here are a few of the points you’ll be missing, told visually:


Your design story board doesn’t have to end with trim. It can start there, especially when the trim is as insanely gorgeous as these from Samuel & Sons.


Trim as design: Contrast the pillow Michael designed and we crafted here at the Workroom, left, with the “ubiquitous design store” version on the right. Designers have the opportunity to use trim to create special, one-of-a-kind designs for their discerning clients. This is what sets professional design apart from DIY.


We once made some crazy huge custom tassels for designer Jamie Drake out of faceted Swarovski crystal beads and suede fringe. This slide remind us of those – S&S have so many gorgeous, jewelry like trims and trims that allow you to employ your workroom’s prowess at dressmaker details.