Long Live Handcraft

Our motto, “Long Live Handcraft,” expresses our commitment to creating fine cloth work, made by hand, using old-world techniques and lending a human touch to interiors. After all, our work is destined to sit alongside the finest examples of handcraft from antiquity and pieces by today’s great furniture craftspeople, fine artists and artisans. Our work is wrought using the high quality textiles specified by designers and architects, many of which are hand woven from fibers that in turn were spun by hand. We love that. But we’re not old-fashioned. We also like applying cutting-edge technologies to do things such as making our handcrafted draperies open and close smoothly via your handheld device and we employ the latest in outdoor fabrics so our outdoor upholstery projects last for years, and so that our custom bedding for children’s rooms or hospitality applications can be completely washable. We like creating an environment of craftsmanship amid the hustle and bustle of New York City and we like to think that a little bit of the soul of our craftsmen and women becomes imbued in the cloth work, and adds something unique to its new home. We invite you to spread our enthusiasm, and wherever you see examples of great handcraft, share them using the hashtag #longlivehandcraft.


From retractable cabana roofs with wind sensor technology, to good old fashioned beach umbrellas, outdoor seating and cushions, and more, Marks & Tavano Workroom helps designers celebrate the great outdoors and the great outdoor fabrics offered by the world’s top textile houses.

At the ELLE Decor Modern Life Concept House NYC, outdoor cushions in linen and velvets, outdoor draperies and a retractable cabana shade. Fabrics by Perennials and Kravet. Cabana by Designlush. Plantings by Erbology. Design by Michael Tavano Design. Photo: Rick Lew.

Custom Bedding

One of the many reasons to hire a design professional is to enjoy the wonders of custom beds and bedding. A beautiful, double-width bolster, a downy coverlet or fur throw, cushions and pillows dressed to the nines in silk charmeuse and linen velvet; this is what dreams, and dreamy bedrooms, are made of.

Here are four great reasons why custom beds and bedding rock:

1. It comes in colors and patterns you won’t find at that big box or department store, or even at the fine linen boutique.

2. It can be made using the new and amazing outdoor linens, velvets and other sumptuous fabrics for easy, washable care and unbelievable durability, even (and especially) for children’s rooms.

3. Fur (or faux if you fancy being kind to the fauna) nothing feels better after a long day. Feathers: a little marabou makes just as much sense on your bedding as on your lingerie. Fancies: beading, embroidery, dressmaker trims, it all adds up to a sumptuous experience.

4. The incomparable cocoon-feeling of bed draperies or the finished look of a simple canopy panel like the one below commission by Marks & Frantz, an upholstered (or – ask us about fitted slipcovers) headboard or an entirely custom-upholstered bed.

Marks and Frantz
beddin duo drake
MT_RMH 17366
MTavano_24th 17991

Designs this page: Drake Design Associates (bed drapery and upholstered bed), Marks & Frantz Design (monkey print canopy panel, photo by Marco Ricca) and Michael Tavano Design (photos by Rick Lew).